DTOPS along with the Little Greene Paint Company brings beauty, depth and texture to your walls.

We at DTOPS help you create the look and feel you desire when decorating the most important rooms in your home.

Some Inspiration

Ceiling: Jewel Beetle
Wallpaper: Broadwick Street – Mono

Walls and Skirting: Ashes of Roses

Ceiling: Slaked Lime
Higher Wall: Light Bronze Green
Middle Wall: Nether Red
Lower Wall: Elysian Ground
Kitchen Units: Book Room Green

Wallpaper: Upper Brook St – Night Garden
Door & Skirting: Dark Brunswick Green

Wall: Canton
Right Wall: Jack Black
Table: Dock Blue

Wall: Citrine

Wall & Ceiling: Green Stone – Pale
Window Trim: Green Stone – Pale
Upper Panelling: Green Stone – Light
Lower Panelling: Green Stone

Doors: Air Force Blue
Wall: Gauze

Wall:Massingberd Blossom – Mineral (c.1905)
Ceiling: Shirting

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