Dekton is a sophisticated mixture of more than 20 minerals extracted from nature. Dekton uses in its manufacturing the exclusive TSP technology, able to sinter mineral particles making them bond with each other.

Dekton means excellence in functional beauty for any architectural project. Dekton’s polyvalence makes it ideal for any application, even in the most demanding conditions such as facades or floors.

For more information visit the Dekton website – https://www.cosentino.com/en-ie/dekton/


Silestone surfaces offer unique advantages and properties in terms of aesthetics, functionality and technical features. For this reason, Silestone provides a 25 year warranty.

Care & Maintenance

Silestone requires very little maintenance. Simply wipe your Silestone surface with soap and warm water on a regular basis to maintain its beauty and shine for years to come.

Silestone ID information

Fabricator ID: 600010539
Showroom ID: 7000212167

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